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Your fully organised religious wedding in the Dolomites

Tell us what you want and tie the knot in one of the beautiful churches and chapels of Val Badia.

Church Wedding

Saying "I do" to each other is not only binding on the day of the wedding, but it also seals your desire to share your life together, in good times and in bad. Many couples hope to be strengthened in this desire and receive God's blessing through a church wedding because, contrary to many social trends, a church wedding is something that is binding and gives the family the greatest sense of commitment.
Many couples choose a church wedding for these reasons, even if they are not regular churchgoers. For many, getting married in front of God, in the very solemn atmosphere of a church, is simply part of a dream wedding.
Our experienced wedding professionals know what it takes to create the perfect ceremony. They will organise your church wedding according to your wishes and needs, and will assist the bride and groom on their most special day. This includes liaising with the local priest or the priest of your choice, as well as arranging a suitable programme for the church ceremony, including harp, violin and cello, choir or band.

Some other important information about your church wedding:

There are two types of marriage in Italy:

The concordat marriage, based on the 1929 Concordat between the State and the Vatican. This means that a Church marriage is sufficient to have all the consequences of a civil marriage and that a separate civil marriage is not necessary. A canonical marriage, on the other hand, is celebrated in church but is only valid for the religious order and is not recognised by the Italian State.

You will need the following documents for a religious wedding in Italy:

• Valid identity document
• Proof of civil status
• Tax number
• Official stamp
• Personal declaration to be filled in at the registry office
• Baptismal certificate
• Confirmation certificate
• Certificate of Free Church Membership
• Confirmation of completion of marriage preparation seminar
• Ecclesiastical "nulla osta" declaration (only if you wish to marry in a diocese other than your own)

Alta Badia has some very beautiful churches and chapels where your church wedding will be a special event:

• The late Gothic parish church of St. Vigilius in Colfosco, magnificently situated in front of the mighty Sella massif, is a popular subject for Dolomite photography
• Chapel of St. Agata near our wedding location Chalet Pia in the village of Ciampei in La Valle
• Chapel of Santa Barbara in La Valle
• Alpini Chapel on the Gardena Pass (available for weddings from mid-May to mid-October)

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