Wedding in the Dolomites
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Renewal of vows in the mountains of South Tyrol

Getting married again is not only a romantic gesture, but also the most beautiful proof of love that a couple can give each other.

A second YES

Renewing the vows you made many years ago is a powerful and convincing second "YES" to each other. After the ups and downs you have already been through as a couple, this renewed commitment to each other adds immeasurable value to the relationship because it is a clear "yes" to what has been, what you are as a couple, and what will be in the future. It is a conscious decision to go through life together.

The perfect time to renew your vows is on your wedding day, for example on your silver (25 years) or golden (50 years) anniversary.
Whatever the couple decides, there is no hard and fast rule about when and how the renewal of vows should take place. The most important thing is to celebrate this symbolic and beautiful step in the right way, with the people you love or just the two of you. The beautiful landscape of the Dolomites is the perfect setting for the renewal of your vows.

There are two ways of renewing your vows:

The renewal of vows at a religious ceremony. If the religious ceremony is to be held in the same parish where the couple were married, the priest who performed the marriage ceremony must be contacted. If the couple choose a different location, an appointment must be made with the local parish priest. The renewal of vows is celebrated during a Mass in honour of the bride and groom, during which the mutual commitment to marriage is renewed. As in a traditional marriage, the rings that symbolise the couple's union are blessed. However, as the ceremony has no legal value, no witnesses are required and no document is issued to be signed.

If the couple wish to renew their civil marriage, there is no official ceremony and the banns do not have to be repeated. However, the couple are free to renew their vows in a place of their choosing. If they wish, the second 'I do' can be celebrated in a symbolic ritual with close friends or relatives.

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