Wedding in the Dolomites
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Free wedding ceremony in Alta Badia - a dream setting for getting married

In the Dolomites, your symbolic wedding ceremony will be emotional and unique, with rituals that you have chosen yourself.

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No other type of wedding offers such freedom and creative possibilities for an individual and very personal celebration as a symbolic or free wedding ceremony. The order of events is not set in stone, but is entirely up to the couple. It is the best way to say "I do" if you do not want to be bound by any religious affiliation, conventions or official regulations, and if you do not attach importance to a legally binding marriage certificate. Because signing a contract to declare your love for each other is not a commitment!

A symbolic ceremony can be held in addition to a civil marriage, or it can accompany a religious wedding, if it has been discussed and agreed with the priest beforehand.
From the "blessing" in the United States to the symbolic marriage in Italy, a free wedding ceremony is open to all couples, including same-sex couples, as it has no legal value and is performed without any state or religious background.
The Dolomites are particularly rich in attractive settings for symbolic marriages. From the roaring Pisciadù waterfalls to the beautiful green alpine meadows of Alta Badia and the Dolomite cliffs in the evening glow of the Enrosadira, we can arrange your free wedding ceremony in Italian, German, English or Spanish, wherever you wish. Your "I do" will be a very personal and unforgettable event in the Ladin Dolomites!

Examples of symbolic wedding ceremonies:


This ancient Celtic wedding custom symbolizes the covenant of life by the couple joining hands and tying them in a knot for eternity.

Tree ritual

The bride and groom plant a tree together which, like the marriage itself, will flourish through their mutual care and love.

Light ritual

Each person holds a candle and together the bride and groom light a larger wedding candle as a symbol of the shared strength of the marriage.

Sand ritual

The couple are each given a jar of coloured sand and together they pour it into a larger jar as they exchange vows, or the scene is set to music, to symbolically represent the union of their souls.

Rose ritual

Immediately after the exchange of rings, a red rose is exchanged. This gesture has a very deep meaning: After the exchange, each of the spouses finds himself or herself back where they started, holding a red rose as a sign that nothing has apparently changed and yet everything is different.

Ring warming

All wedding guests can take part in this particularly emotional wedding ritual. Rings are passed from guest to guest to the bride and groom on a string stretched through all the rows of guests. Everyone has the opportunity to touch and warm them and send them on their way with good thoughts and blessings for the bride and groom.

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